Decompile Ex4 to Mq4 -

Decompile Ex4 to Mq4 -

  • $50.00

Create expert adviser-indicator - 300$

  1. Decompile "Ex4 to Mq4 - 600$
  2. Unlock Ex4 Locked file  - 100$
  3. Convert Old Version build EA/Indicator to New Version 20$.
  4. Remove Demo Script (unlimited usage) - 60$
  5. Remove Account Limit - 60$
  6. Remove Broker Restrictions - 60$
  7. Convert EX4 to EX5, EX5 to EX4 - 60$
  8. Decompile EX4/EX5 to MQ4/MQ5 - 600$.

Unlock/Remove License 1 file – $50

  • decompile your file to mq4 source code
  • remove restriction on your file
  • convert files from ex4 to ex5
  • modify file according to your needs.


The above details are provided as service and not a product. Chat with us to complete above services related work.

To Download Freeware Product.

If you are a beginner and want to know how decompiler works for 600 build ex4 to mq4 we have attached a freeware decompiler product here. 

We charge 50$ as service charge. You can pay 50$ service charge here to download the 600 build related  decompiler freeware product.


This product does not have any guarantee for new market product to decompile. Suitable for 700 build old ex4 files only.


We don't provide any refund.. Buy this product in your own risk.

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