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ACB Pin Bar Indicator

ACB Pin Bar Indicator

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Indicator: ACB Pin Bar Indicator V1.0.ex4 (Unlimited)
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This indicator detects the Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern which is one of the famous charting pattern in forex market.

What is a Pin Bar Pattern:
A Pin Bar is a candlestick pattern in which the size of the body of a candle is relatively very small to its length and the candle also closed either in upper most or lower most part of its body.
Such pattern depicts the reversal points in market and can provide a very good entry opportunity when occur near a strong Support or Resistant level.

Indicators Features:
Entry, Stop Loss and Profit Targets levels are available with each alert.
Past signals included.
Information Dashboard included.
Sound, Email and Push Alerts available.

Main Indicator Parameters:
Min_Bar_Size: The min. bar size required in pips to be a valid signal.
Show_Profit_target: Show/Hide profit target levels.
Show_Labels: Show/Hide the labels on profit/stop loss levels.
Arrow_Size: Size of arrow signal
Max_History_Bars: No. of bars to look back on chart history.
Show_History_Signals: Show/Hide history signals.
Entry_Distance: Distance of entry level from high/low of the Pin Bar.
Show_Information: Show/hide information dashboard.ame

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